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Terms & Conditions


Nita is available on a first serve first come basis and it is there for important that bookings are made well in advance ( especially for shoots that require travel ). Bookings will be accepted and confirmed once the formal booking application has been fully completed and returned with the required deposit. Deposits are required to confirm all bookings and vary dependant on the shoot required. Deposits are non refundable for any reason other than the photographer is unable to attend. Balance of payment in full must be received before the results of the shoot can be released to the Client.

  1. The photographer will do what ever is necessary on the day and there in after at the editing desk to provide each Client with the best possible resulting images. The photographer can not and will not guarantee a particular result due in whole to the nature of the many variables that may effect the end result images. The photographer will guarantee her best possible efforts to achieve the best possible results given the particular variables evident at the time of the shoot.
  2. It is always and will always be the Clients absolute responsibility to ensure that any infants and/or children and or pets remain completely under their supervision at all times through out a shoot. The photographer may from time to time direct Clients in particular forums and/or settings. The ultimate authority as to whether you wish to participate or proceed in that forum must remain with the Client. By agreeing to participate in a particular forum or setting you agree to assume the full and complete responsibility for your own safety and well being.
  3. The photographer can not and will not guarantee exclusivity to any Client of any particular style, look, prop.
  4. The photographer can not and will not guarantee the absolute confidentiality of any image taken.
  5. If the photographer wishes to utilize a particular image or images taken of a particular Client for marketing purposes she will seek your personal approval and acceptance prior to the publishing of same.
  6. It is at the complete discretion of the photographer as to whether she agrees to or not participate or continue to participate in any shoot for any reason.
  7. In the event travel and accommodation is required, both will need to be approved by the photographer prior to the shoot.
  8. Terms and conditions may change without notice. Changes will become effective immediately.